Free Beer, Free Ride, and Mirai  

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9/29/2005 11:50 am

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Free Beer, Free Ride, and Mirai

Well, this old snaky guy comes in, he always digs my stuff, talks me into him buying me a taxi ride home so I can stay late. Mirai is with him She's the tiny one with the bikini stripes.

Snake Man is joking about how small her tits are, which is like looking through the glass at some untouchable, flawless confection in a pattiserie and complaining it should be bigger. Mirai's breasts must be like dessert at Queen Alice French restaurant, small, delectable, stunning works of art. More than enough. I suppose. Me, I never saw them. But I saw her shoulders, her neck, her arms. You could spend a week on each, She's the kind of girl so perfectly formed you can sit right next to her and yet cannot conceive of kissing her. She is beyond you somehow, glowing there, vibrating.

When she gave me her card and told me her name means "future," I said good, maybe that means in my next life you will love me. She got it, and said, "Okay!" with a cheery, subtextual gleam in her eye that said, "Right. Next life. Not this one, buddy."

For some reason we're all chatting and joking about gays and San Francisco. I get up to play the next set and Snake Man reaches between my legs from behind for a quick caress. I whirl and place a soft fist on his forehead. He's clueless that you don't do that shit to an American. These Japanese men. Go figure.

My set, needless to say, is quite male. I go in the kitchen and rant to the English speaking Japanese chef, "I only got one guy out there I can talk to, and the motherfucker likes to grab my balls."

The mood changes. "If you supeak zat wahdo, purease say it to wall, not to me."

Motherfucker is pissed cause I said motherfucker. I try to explain the poetrics of obscenity. How Miles Davis used the word, for instance. It's hopeless. I went in there lonely and came out less another friend.

More tomorrow...

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