The Pre-Decision infidelity: Part 2  

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5/2/2005 7:20 pm

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The Pre-Decision infidelity: Part 2

Wow. She had a rack that you wouldn't believe! Normally, eyes are the biggest turn on for me, but quite frankly, that goes by the wayside when you are just wanting sex. She was voluptuous to say the least. About a double handful a piece, a little round but well proportioned. Definitely edible. I eyed her up and down as she walked along my sidewalk. Hoping, praying that I would be able to have my way with her.

She came in, and we exchanged pleasant introductions. We went to my movie room, and we sat on the couch, just talking. She seemed to me that she was about to cry at times. I don't really know why, and still don't to this day. As we sat there talking, I slowly began to attempt my seduction. My hand slowly found its way to her knee. Inching slowly to the promised land, it was so easy, I tried to give her a kiss. We found our tongues intertwined in that passionate dance. We spent a few minutes locked in that way before I got the courage up to grab one of her beautiful breasts, feeling just how big and wonderful they were. With one hand on her left breast, I slowly drug my other one back down to her thigh, slowly inching its way to the wonderful juiciness that awaited me. She began to explore my body as well. Her soft hand passed over my raging manhood. She was feeling me out. At that point, I wasn't so sure if I was the seducer, or the seduced, but I didn't rightly care. I was just happy to be getting any kind of action at all... You see... I was married..... And we all know what that means.

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