what do men like about girls bodies  

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6/26/2006 10:49 am

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what do men like about girls bodies

Men love breasts.

Watching topless girls in this site has brought to my mind my contradictory feelings about topless. Im particular a picture of a french girl made me write a text about this topic. So far I have had no reply to the message I have sent her. But I decided to open this blog in order to have other people comments and opinions on the subject.I leave as a starting point a sort of translation of what I wrote to her.

Topless at the beach is a mistery to me. I want to understand it but I donít know if I will ever manage. I have trouble understanding men that say they are not attracted to it. The mermaid myth proves that the masculine gender has always been fascinated by topless girls. In any event I am completely fascinated by topless. I believe that there is nothing more erotic, exciting and fascinating.
How should I put it?

- the women is not naked but she is not dressed either (well, itís not that. Sheet.
- she is not naked and yet she is naked (I should be able to say it better).
- hum... ... no. I am not able to express it adequatly. It is to complex. I must confess my inability to express in words and in a foreign language, that I only speak from time to time, the tornado of feelings and thoughts, that the subject of topless creates in me.

I do not find topless choking or vulgar. Itís is marvellous, enchanting, captivating, fascinating, magical. In short it is beauty in itís pure essence.

Itís is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world. It is poetry, it is music.
I will try to explain:

Sometimes it is like beautiful and calm poetry. Some other times it is like a deep love poem. I would say that looking at a topless girl in a beach can make you feel as if you were living a love story. It makes your art beat stronger, the stomach empty, and the blood heat inside your veins. It is something that leaves yuou pleasantly uncomfortable. Something that gives you high spirits and makes someone feeling exultantly captive of I donít know what. It is simply a source of charming perplexity.

But itĎs also music. Some times heavenly music other times hard rock; a slow or techno, a ballad or a symphony.

It can be simultaneous or alternatively the embodiment of calm or of a rollercoaster.

When I look at women in topless I feel respect for her courage and admiration for her body. But many times I also feel desire.

Most of the times it is a subtle, delicate, soft and exquisite desire but at the same time very striking and powerful. A desire that can last a few minutes, hours, days, months or even years (in my head I can visualise hundreds or thousands of topless girls that have impressed me along the time in so many different beaches) and is a permanent font of a sophisticated yearning or craving that for me the topic of topless represents.

In other cases, looking at topless women makes feel a passion or hunger that gives me a kind of fever and emotion hard to describe but that I can feel all over my body and spirit and stimulates my erotic senses and my sexuality.

But looking at a topless women in a beach can also, pure and simply, excite me sexually.

I have, therefore, a hard time understanding those that affirm there indifference about watching topless girls in beaches.

Finally, topless is a subject of great curiosity and incomprehension to me. The apparent coldness of topless women about their public nudity is something I fail to understand. There must be something more to it. It has to be. I am well aware that naturists only feel a sensation of freedom when they walk around naked in a beach. But topless is something so much more refined and exquisite. Further it can be seen in beaches other then those reserved for nudists. And even if the fact of having her breasts naked is something that, in itself and eventually, does not arouses women sexuality and desire, the knowledge or perception of the power that the exposition of their body gives them over men (but also, and in a sort of contradiction, the power of men over them by beeng able to see the breasts) should be sexually, or at least sensually, stimulating to girls doing topless.

If I could be women for one day I would try to go topless in a beach and I would like to think I would not be disappointed.

I am in love with topless but I also hate it and fail to understand it. It leaves me restless, but it also gives me joy.

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