They say its unethical to hunt  

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4/14/2006 4:57 pm

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They say its unethical to hunt

There are those out there who say that hunting is cruel and unusual way o fkilling an animal. But if they would take the time to research the animals they eat on a daily basis they would see that the average hunter kills his animal in one well placed shot. Usually through both lungs and the heart, causing massive tissue damage and massive blood loss where the animal immediately goes in to shock and doesn't know what is happening to him as they drown in theier own blood from the tissue damage caused by the one well placed shot. Now the unethical hunters or the weekend hunters who feel the need to placed 4 or 5 shots at a running animal that they scared up from its resting place, causes 99% of the negitive attitudes for the responsible hunter. THe weekend hunter who lakcs the skill and paitience to wait until the perfect shot is presented to him by the animal is no hunter at all. If he shoots to early the he risks wounding the animal and causing alot less damage than a perfect shot would have presented. Now these hunters really piss me off.

I was raised around hunting and firearms, but now I do most of hunting with a compound Bow. THis adds a degree of difficulty only serious hunters who have the paitence and the skills nessecary to hunt and place that one skillful shot in the vitals of the animal they intend to harvest. THe photo above is my first ELK I ever shot, I harvested this anazing animal at 15yrds with one well placed shot in the vitals. He weighed in at 700lbs of pure natures finest creatures ever created. I have the utmost respect fo rthis animal as he lived a well balanced and couragious life by the many scares he has on his body. His death and sacrifice was not in vain as his meat was used to feed my family and friends who have never tried other type of meat that they could not buy in a store. His hide is mounted on the wall next to him as well as his hooves are now the newest addition to my gun rack collection on the wall.

I love Hunting and I encourage all hunters to share thier experiences with those who are new and looking to increase thier knowledge of this awesome past time. Its not a sport, it is a way of life... And as always My hat goes off to the god himself TED NUGENT.... THe Man, The Myth, The Ledgend...

God Bless the US, and Long Live the lifestyle of Hunting.

The Savage.

savagemodel1899b 45M

4/15/2006 9:53 pm

    Quoting rm_MariGrrl:
    Well, savage you know my feelings about hunting. I don't think I would have the heart to kill an animal. However, I don't force my opinions on others and thanks to you have come to respect skilled hunters such as yourself.

    I had a blast tagging along with you on your turkey hunt today. If anything it deepened the respect that I have for those that approach the art of hunting with knowledge and skill. Thank you, for helping me to broaden my horizons.
Now mari, after seeing you all camo'ed up today tromping around the woods it was a sight for sore eyes. Not many former members of PETA would be found following a redneck through the woods with the intentions of killing a Mature Male Turkey if the oppertunity presented itself. But as you saw today when the Female turkey took flight right infront of us, how much skill is needed to be able to identify the correct sex of the animal your hunting. Even though the Female turkey was in my sights and I could have pulled the trigger shooting her on the fly. It is choices like the one i made there in that 5 second time frame that seperate the wanna be hunter from the ones who actually belive in what they are doing. I'm not a Hunter, I'm Wildlife Population Control Specialist...

THe Savage

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