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4/15/2006 8:07 pm

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Opening day

And here its 15 Apr and opening day of turkey season In WA. Started teh day at 0200 when the alarm went off. Early day and a long one at that. Went out and picked up my hunting partner for the day ( MariGrrl). She has never been hunting and used to be a memeber of PETA. So this would be her fiurst real experience out inthe woods with a hunter who knows what he is doing. Hit the woods just before day break and had to climb a small hill to get to where I thoguht the turkeys were supposed to be. AN dtook longer to get over the ridge than I had planned. So we crest the hill and take a bathroom break, as it would happen, The tom start gobbling off to our right about 300 yrds away and we are stuck in the middle of the huge open area. No place to set up and call from, so we call a little bit as I wathc the expression on Marigrrls face as the TOM answers my hen calls. It was classical, for her to actually hear a wild TOM get excited and answer so close. SO we move on and are head toward our second set up of the morning when this HEN fly's up from righ tunder our feet, and glides away down the hill. As the Hen takes to flight, my reactions kick in and I swing up my shotgun drawing a bead on the birds head as I scan the body for signs of a beard. See becasue you can shoot a hen if she has a beard or any TOM with a beard. But as didn't have on that I could see inthe 5 second that I was able to follow her with the gun, so we watch her glide away.. It was awesome listenign to MariGrrl talk abotu the Hen and how close she was and we almost stepped on her as she flew away. So our day went on as we set our blind and sat down to wait and watch. As we watch a deer walk acroos our filed of view 300 yrd away followed 15 minutes later by 2 turkey hunters who we heard shoot earlier. But atlass no bird for them either. SO our day went on and on and we could hear the Toms gobble in the distanceas we moved around a few more times before we got rained out in typical Washington fashion.

So the moral of the story is if you hunt and yoru enjoy the life sytle, share it with some one else you you may change the way they look at the whole hunting aspect of life. If not some people who never have had the experience will tkae the views of others who never had the oppertunity to experience the love of the outdoors and the thrill the hunt. I love to Hunt and I love sharing the passion for my lifestyle of choice.

The Savage.....

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