Cruising - Part 1b  

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5/7/2006 3:30 pm

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Cruising - Part 1b

My sincere apologies to the faithful few for not posting my "How Did I Do" to my blog.

At this juncture I am faced with a dilemma as to what exactly should I impart to my faithful subscribers. Should it be a tale of shooting stars, bright lights and never-ending gallons of cum or, when the situation dictates, a tale of simple truth. The sound and fury may attract the attention of those that like sparkly baubles but I, on the other hand, prefer a bit of frailty to my hero.

The truth is, it was a bust.

My departure time was a bit delayed due to real life matters including a stop by the bank and inclement weather. It is a fact of life that as my nap time - 5:00 pm everyday - approaches, I become a little more disinterested in anything other than dinner/supper and emulating W Churchill.

Upon entering the XXX theatre, I and everyone else is momentarily blind due to there being zero light. I pause to give my eyes a chance to adjust and move towards the back of the theatre.

At this theatre, you enter nearest the screen and make your way towards the back for the last two rows. An unwritten rule of XXX theatres, no matter where the entry is located and with very few exceptions, is that the rows at the rear are for those wishing to swap cum as it were.

No cushy, soft theatre seats like your neighborhood megaplex but instead those hard plastic formed stadium seats. Great for their non-absorption of seminal fluids but tiresome as hell on your ass. 5 seats across and 10 rows deep. Those that are genuinely interested in the movie sit near the front and the movie is usually one of those compilation pos's DVD's. Always straight and usually boring. One of the movies this afternoon was a DVD of solo girls masturbating. No men, no two girls in a scene, no kinky apparatus, just solo, unattractive girls masturbating for 90 minutes.

I selected Row 2 from back and took seat 4 from left. Seat 5 in my row was broken, that's a pisser.

Behind me in Row 1, seats 1,3 and 5 were occupied; seat 4 was broken. And in my row seat 2 is occupied.

So I get my lube out of my sock, grease up and jackoff for the next 2 hours with absolutely nothing happening. Reminded me of "send me your picture" on the internet.

During the 2-3 hrs I was there, no one pulled their cock out of their pants although several put their hands in their pants and simulated jacking off. Many watched me but that was it. I didn't even get a "nice cock" comment from anyone and for me that's a rarity.

I did strike up a conversation with an old queen that I recognized from years past - his blowjobs were adequate if rushed. This old guy would camp out in this XXX theatre from sunup til sundown and must have sucked 10,000 dicks. He and I compared notes and he readily agreed that no one really came there to get their dick sucked anymore. Neither of us had an explanation but we did recall the good 'ol days when cum flowed like water and it was not unusual to have two mouths on your dick.

So, dear reader, there it is. Nada today. But finding strange sex is kinda like fly fishing. You cast, you reel it in, you cast, you reel it in, you cast, ... well, you get the picture.

I'm already planning my next adventure! /8

strokeit51 67M

5/8/2006 4:22 am

Excellent blog posting! I haven't recently checked out the adult theatres in Houston--hope I have better luck! Check out my blog sometime.


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