Cruising - Part 1a  

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5/4/2006 6:33 am

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Cruising - Part 1a

I've been in one of those moods for the past couple of days. One of those moods where I want some "strange". For the uninformed, "strange" means I want to have sexual contact with those persons as of yet unknown to me.

And prior to my listing the particulars on Cruiz Pt1, let's get a couple of things straight. IMHO, most of the people on any sex service such as this one are "wannabees". They play with cybersex, swap endless emails, pics of unknown origin and age, webcam till their nuts fall off from the radiation and make all sorts of outrageous claims, promises and appointments that they never intend to keep. That's fine and I'm happy that you're happy with your comfortable niche in life.

But that ain't me!

All this stuff is okay I guess but, you see, I'm a do-er, a see-er and a go-er. Probably one of the main reasons I am retelling everything now instead of earlier is that I'm starting to slow down a bit and have the luxury of a few extra minutes in a day. Notice I said a few.

Secondly, I'm poly-sexual which is a little more than bi or tri sexual. I love to lick pussy, suck cock, fuck a tight ass and will tie you up, whip your ass, piss on you or your dog, cover you with whipped cream, lick it off, and then do it all again while your parents, your spouse and your kids all watch. I'll have sex with almost anyone, of any age, any race, any gender, any place at any time and let almost anyone watch. Don't think so? Remind me to tell you about the time I almost had to stand on my head and contort myself so a good looking guy in a wheelchair could eat my ass. He did until I almost passed out.

So I don't want to hear a bunch of crap about my sexual choices. You like vanilla and I like everything else.

End of editorial - back to today's activity.

So if I'm going out looking for some strange, what will I wear and what personal grooming do I need to do? Don't consider this trivial. Most people ignore the details and that's their downfall.

I need to SSS of course along with touching up spots that need shaving. BTW, I shave smooth everything - yes, everything! Legs, underarms, chest, ass, balls, cock, etc. A whole separate post on that topic another day.

I need a haircut, I wear mine fairly short but not buzzed. (Oh, yeah. You guys with the ponytails. Do you have any idea how stupid that makes you look? An insignia of redneck, trailer trash.) So I'll stop by my stylist to see if she has an opening. She prefers appointments but I can't always make 'em or keep 'em.

Brush teeth, apply baby oil to entire bod. This is a moisturizer, gives me a slight "sheen" - hate that dry skin look, and also helps prevent ingrown hairs from shaving.

I don't drown myself in Aramis as almost every fat queen out there does but prefer to go subtle - no aftershave or cologne. Oatmeal soap is enough of a scent.

As for my wardrobe, years of experience have perfected what I will wear.

From head to toe:

Sunglasses with that little neck strap that goes around the back of the head/neck. My sunglasses are in the $100 category and anything more expensive will invite theft or, even worse, a hard blow to the back of the head. I'll need this for disguise, light changes - the regular reasons.

T-Shirt w pocket. The best I've found so far as those really great colors from Land's End. I always like the brighter colrs.

Jewelry? I always wear my Rolex and never take off my wedding ring. You want to steal my Rolex? Better have a gun AND a knife. Wedding ring? What you've never seen a married guy down on his knees sucking a cock? Pleeeez!

Uzzi runner's shorts, black today. These are those nylon shorts with about a 1" inseam and split legs - nearly impossible to find anymore. Has a liner but, more importantly, I can have my cock and balls out in the open in a flash with no restraint or binding. Runner shorts were absolutely made for cruising for sex and THIS IS IMPORTANT almost every guy out there gets a signal from another guy that is showing off his legs almost to his waist and those legs are shaved smooth and look as if they've been oiled up. Doesn't matter if the guy is straight or not. He still receives that signal.

Boot socks, white. Another difficult item to find but when worn with runner shorts, it draws attention to all that bare skin. I also store my lube and condoms in these socks inasmuch the shorts have no pocket.

Asics tennis/athletic shoes. You wear what you want and I'll wear what I know works for me.

Cell phone stays in car along with ID/billfold and car keys - keyless entry. $20 paper money in t-shirt pocket. Don't smoke so no cigs or lighter.

Also take in car, a couple of beach towels to sit on - I may lube up and jackoff while riding around. A small bottle of Purell, a couple of hand towels and a small ice chest - 2 Cokes and 2 waters.

Okay, I'm all set. Check back with me later and see how I did. =8

rm_CaptNLala 61M/58F
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5/7/2006 8:37 am

Ok, how did it go, inquiring minds want to know.

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