First Love  

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12/8/2005 10:24 pm

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First Love

Still remember what's your first love is like? Mine is while I am still in poly.

Since sec sch, I had been seeing friends pairing off, some better ones changing gfs at fast rate. I often wonder what's it like, to hold another's hand, to love someone, to help her carry her stuffs when going out, etc etc.

My chance came while I am in a local poly. She and I are in the same class and during a camp organised by the poly, we got to know each other better.

I was single then, a "virgin" in relationship. She was in a relationship with a guy (who was in another poly), since they were in sec 2.

During the camp, I noticed that she seemed troubled. So I took the initiative to talk to her. She told me about her family (mother passed away while she in pri sch, father living and providing for mistress family, elder sis heck care everything, young bro in pri sch), her current situation ($ is tight, abt $200 per month for EVERYTHING) and her bf.

She told me that she and her bf now in a very unstable phase, cos of objection from the bf family. She was so lost. She did not know what to do. She love her bf dearly. She was crying while she was saying all this.

After all she said, I advised her on all the above issues. I am not sure what I told her, but it seemed to help her a lot. She calmed down and we ended up..... talking for the whole nite in the camp canteen while the rest were sleeping.

Addition information:
- I do not think that she was pretty as I think she got a "horse face", meaning to me, her face is too "long" in terms of looks.
- But I recognised the above situation as what it is, a chance to get into a relationship.

After the camp, I actively wooed her. And I succeed! From what she said, she and her bf broke off, cos the bf wants to concentrate on his study. So from there, I sort of stepped in and managed to get a gf.

At that point in time, I DO NOT love her. It is just a chance to get and exp a relationship.

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