5 new Asian/ Euro-asian models for a photo shoot out in London  

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2/5/2006 8:06 am

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5 new Asian/ Euro-asian models for a photo shoot out in London

Our international client, an established modeling agency in UK is currently looking for 5 new Asian/ Euro-asian faces for a photo shoot out in London, England and Konstanz, Germany. In line to this, we are currently identifying potentials in Malaysia.

Quite frankly we are looking for Asian females who are 21 and above. She should have a passion for modeling with good command of English. As a bonus, it would certainly help if you are an outgoing individual with an attitude to dance and party. You don’t necessary need to be a model, as long as you are good looking this might be your chance to live your dream.

If you are keen in this opportunity, kindly e-mail your particulars (Name, age and profession), recent photo ( Just replace the at with @ and dot with .). We will the contact you to further elaborate on this opportunity.

Let us remind you that this is not a hoax and the reason, we choose this website is solely because there is an abundance of talented individuals which can fulfill our criteria. So there is no payment involved and we certainly don’t want you to waste any of our time as well as your money. And we believe and respect that you will do the same!

So if you are any of this please don’t apply and waste our time:

1 Not a Female
2 Under the age of 18 ( minor, we don’t want to face legal implications)
3 Prankster ( we had plenty of this in the past)
4 Not up to the challenge

Good Luck and Thank You

Managing Director
Albeit Talent Recruitment


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