Bootilicious Bum Fun!  

sashashemale 39T
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8/22/2005 8:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bootilicious Bum Fun!

Hello Darlings

Last month i spoke about cock so this month I thought it only fair talking about arse! Firstly, let me say that i am one tgirl who loves nothing more than having her rear love tunnel rammed with cock. If there is no pud available, then believe me i have gone through sessions where anything that resembles a cock is going in..cucumbers, carrots, courgettes, bananas, candles, handles...I think you get the picture. I love coming home sometimes from clubbing (when i haven't pulled!) having a cup of tea, then going upstairs undressing down to my sexy underwear..thong, bra, suspenders (if i wore them), keep my heels on..then lube my arse by fingering myself and then putting on a sexy shemale movie and start fucking myself frantically and usually in front of the mirror so i can see it going in and out. I have about 20 different dildos and i get through a chunk of them on these nights...i told you i have an insatiable appetite for having my ass rammed! I get so turned on that i cum even without having to touch my own pussy stick. I remember once, I brought this guy back to mine and he teased himself silly by using as many dildo's up my ass before sticking his huge cock in...glad he did, he was so big that my little butt needed a good stretch first. He must have fucked me 6 times that night/morning and when we finally slept and woke up...he loved the fact that i was so feminine and had a hard-on the size of the eiffel tower..yep you guessed it, it was his turn..after spending 20 minutes with my face buried between his cheeks, licking his butt, i used some of my toys on him..he went into a frenzy and obviously loved it..before i fucked that boy good and hard and came in his previously virgin ass!

Please comment on this as I would love to hear your views and tips, if you got them!

Sasha x

daymaker5 64
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8/28/2005 7:44 am

I enjoyed your night out with the boy and would enjoy using your toy collection on you and looking to suck your big pud and to be down on my hands and knees for a good ass fucking, what ever you got, use on me.......!

I'll learn this anal fucking sooner or later. I have some good olds hot real stories and my very own when I was young and lately......!

here's my ass and bondage some.......!

JackGough 55M

9/12/2005 1:15 am

Wow as horny as fuck would love it to happen to me !!!!! Please !!!

rm_junglist3333 41M
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9/16/2005 8:45 am

Sasha your my kind of women. Getting all hot and sweaty clubbing allnight then still have the energy to go all morning as well. 6 times I'm sure we could beat that record. A true athelete. DAMN.

luvplatformheels 49T
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10/20/2005 2:58 pm

hey baby, i loved your story. I love burring my big fat purple dildo deep into my hot waiting ass. There is nothing better than the feeling of your ass spreading wide open and sucking in those big fat rubber cocks. Still dreaming of my first ass fucking from a real man but til then my rubber friend is all i've got. hope we can chat more about ass play sweetie.

rm_dirtysluttv 38T

10/21/2005 1:17 pm

Wow i would love to meet someone like you. I would give you the fucking of you life. getting my fat cock as deep into your ass as i can possible put it before cumming inside you.
Then you would be able to dominate me. Dress me up in whatever sluty clothes you want and use me. I love to suck cock and like having them cum in my face before being tied up and gagged with my own panties then having you cock buried in my ass as fuck me like the slut i am. We could have a fantastic time together. Using each other

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