Is seduction truly a power game for women ?  

sandipray 40M
22 posts
4/16/2006 8:26 am
Is seduction truly a power game for women ?

I was thinking whether hunger for power is entrenched underneath the genes of a human being. Most probably yes.

Why do a woman exploit herself to gain material benefits in this world ? Perhaps she wants to get possession of almost every desirable things. I am quite aware that women will produce a couple of persuasive arguments now. Still I wonder whether women are ingenious enough to pave the way for fulfillment of her desire, or she seeks masculine support to accomplish that.

A woman will always make shrewd attempt to lure men. And a man will be blind-folded. He will definitely indulge himself in diving into the flame of her desperate craving for domination. It becomes clear that seduction is not merely a tool to gain power in a viable way but a secret weapon that every woman owns.

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