Bewitched by her flamboyant gesture  

sandipray 40M
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4/9/2006 12:32 am
Bewitched by her flamboyant gesture

I was about to munch a delicious bar of chocolate in the café yesterday. A strong yet questioning idea knocked my mind suddenly. How can you sense the mind of a woman just from her gestures ? I am wondering whether my intention is to pry into the details of her feelings.

An elegant lady clad in a purple colored t-shirt and blue denim jeans was sitting next to me. She was having some grave discussions over her mobile phone. A few of her utterances reached me unknowingly. I was feeling ashamed that someone may be aware that I was keeping an eye on her face and trying to understand her expressions. It took around seven minutes when she finished her conversation and switched off the mobile phone. She seemed to be a young, urban woman living a liberal lifestyle. Her sultry smile raised an air in my throat. I could see her long, slender legs crossing boldly near the knees. She pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. She began stroking the table with a spoon. I felt amused.

I was about to leave the cafe as bearer took the payment of my bills. I was pondering whether I should leave the café immediately. I placed another order of coffee. I was trying to focus my eyes on her face. Perhaps she understood the subtle message my eyes were trying to convey. She stood up and started walking towards the door. My gaze roamed over her beautifully crafted figure in a sensible way. I was rather surprised to see her turning back. I could feel her presence in front of me. She started talking in a …

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