Beautiful wife or glamorous girlfriend ?  

sandipray 40M
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4/16/2006 2:44 am
Beautiful wife or glamorous girlfriend ?

What is more rewarding in life ? Beautiful wife or glamorous girlfriend.

If you are going to marry a beautiful woman, you need to meet her challanging expectations in everyday life. She will remain loyal throughout your life if you can keep an open eye to her ego and sentiments. You may tease her in public (most women really love it) but you must have the gut to attain the best financial and social status among your friends. If you are incapable in some respect, she will not hesitate a little to favour your friend or colleague. In fact, a woman can understand the jealously in the eyes of the man. Anyway you are not the only guy to look after her feelings. She might have received plenty of marriage proposals since she was a teen. Now she is not going to accept any short coming or insecurity in her partner.

Otherwise, let's assume you did not marry a woman who can catch eye easily in a crowded room. You are still quite happy after marriage. She does compromise when it needs and always helps you to overcome difficulties in your life. You can concentrate better in your work. You will be in her good company after a tough day. You may do well in your business and earn better. Now think about yourself. You might already know few women within your friends circle who are very attractive in their features and expressions. You will definitely start thinking about how to spend some good time with her. If you approach her, she will understand your situation. She knows in advance that it is going to be a short term relationship. She will demand some material thing in return. It may come in the form of money, opportunity or just a little favour. If you are ready to afford that, you can get her everything unconditionally. She will even love to attend any party with you. She will be proud to introduce herself as your dearest girlfriend.

The bottomline is that you need to prepare for a "deal" in both cases. How good you are in making the "deal", the chances are better in having a gorgous babe, either your wife or girlfriend. However, the lady luck will favour you all the time in winning the game.

If you thought differently, share your views. Happy fishing .

rm_samdas79 39M
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11/11/2006 4:19 am

can we make ur friendship

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