Oral whorship of the female!  

sandhazard 55M
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3/3/2005 12:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oral whorship of the female!

One of my ALL time favortie things is to spend hours licking, kissing, sucking and whorshipping the female flower. It is such a turn on for me that even thinking about it gets me erect.

Had the most vivid sex dream ever last night and just had to get it into my Blog.

The dream begins with a lover laying in my bed. She has blonde hair, fair skin and soft pink nipples. She is calling to me. I can hear her soft voice in the bedroom. We have already been making love for what seems like hours and she is calling for me.

I come to the side of the bed and lean down to kiss her softly and gives me a deep passionate kiss. As we kiss she puts both of her hands on either side of my face and guides me slowly down her torso. I try to kiss a nipple on the way by but she won't let me. She continues to put my face between her legs.

The aroma of our previous love session is still with her essence. She still holds my face. I give her soft kisses on her wet swollen lips but that is not enough for her. She squeezes my face tigher to her pussy and begins to slowly rub up and down on my face. I stick my hot tongue out and she pulls me tighter to her. My tongue natually slides deep into her and I can taste her.

I tease her by withdrawing my tongue slowly, curling the tip of my tongue to catch the edge of her openning as I slide out. This makes her quiver and shake as my tongue springs past her excited clit. The whole dream is soft and slow and it all is centered on oral pleasure of this blonde stranger in my bed. I hope this dream comes again, it's a hot one.

Anyone else out there have hot sex dreams? Would love to hear about them.

Thanks for sharing

FunLovinLady39 52F

3/4/2005 7:13 pm

Mmmmmmm Sounds like fun. lol

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