Ode To The Drink Cart Girl!  

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11/5/2005 12:47 pm

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Ode To The Drink Cart Girl!

You see them at your favorite golf courses. They cruise around with a golf cart built for dispensing cold beverages and yummy snacks. They are truly the un-sung champions of your local links.

Usually these carts are driven by lovely ladies who represent their local golf course with attractive appearance and even more attractive manners. Always helpful and friendly they serve up your favorite drink and a hearty snack with a smile. They have perfect golf etiquette, quietly approaching the tee box if you are teeing off.

I have played golf in almost every state in the union and even in far off countries like Viet Nam, Scotland, Japan and Spain. I have been welcomed by Drink Cart Girls in all of them.

I always like chatting with them, maybe obtain some local knowledge about good restaurants to eat at or maybe avoid. The ladies are always a great source of local information and they have always made my golf experience a pleasurable one.

Oh, and guys these ladies are there to work. Most of them could care less about your lame attempts to pick them up. And some of them even like telling stories about the idiot in the foursome she just served who gave his phone number to her not even attempting to hide his wedding ring. I am sure these ladies endure even worse behavior. Keep in mind they are making minimum wage at best and only tips at the very least.

Take care of these ladies so that the golf courses will continue this tradition.

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