Formula Farce  

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6/19/2005 1:07 pm

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Formula Farce

I have been following Formula 1 racing for over 20 years, have been to many races in Europe and South America. It was completely sad that the U.S. Gran Prix went off the way it did today.

The blame as I see it falls completely on the F1 governing body. I want the racers to be safe so if a equipment failure is found and the teams think it's not safe to proceed then so be it. However, if the teams all agree to a solution and the F1 governing body won't even listen to any of the solutions and a race is run just like the one I just watched it will mean the end of F1 racing in the United States.

What a complete waste of time and money...And the fans that paid $100 for tickets, not including the travel and hotel fees.

What could have been the start of an incredible racing tradition for our country has turned into a complete joke.

The speculation is that F1 is trying to go back to a single tire company supporting all of the F1 teams instead of two competing companies. It seems that this will be simply more political horse poo that the F1 governing body will suffer because they are not intelligent enough to keep the consumer well embraced. I know this consumer will not purchase F1 products. Unfortunately that is the only voice we fans have.

I raced for almost 8 years in AMA SuperSports and the AMA never had such a horrible scandal. The AMA always stressed safety and always kept the fans in mind with making race day descions.

Just had to vent a bit, thanks for listening gang.

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