Poets and Koreans...Love of the English Language  

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Poets and Koreans...Love of the English Language

Eloise Greenfield...

I had two Korean girls memorize the "Dream Keeper" (the correct version) becouse I really think that is the true golden rule. Keep others from harm..use what you know to protect the inoccent.

I don't know much about poetry, other then I know what speaks to me. I would love to do a poetry "jam" but I know I don't have the skill. If I could have a wish..it would be to hear Eloise Greenfield do "Harriet Tubman" and then as an encore hear Langston Hughes..do "Negro Speaks of Rivers" and anything else he wanted to do....

I love the "West Wing" for its intelligence..but also for the poetry of excuted by some of the best actors of our time. I love Shakespere when it's done right...

I love the flow of a well turned word...

Going on my Johnny Cash theme...he understood that...he has been critized for "uncristian" songs...yet he made them his own.. and they spoke to me..He understood the turn of a phrase...He KNEW how to make the message reach the audience.

"Bad luck wind been blowing at my back..I pray you don't look at me. I pray I don't look back"..

Apocolipc Now..Denise Hopper...says "He's a great man! I'm a little man! Like the other day..He said "I'll Kill You." and he meant IT!".

It the the words..but the meaning under the words..

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