Korean cooking,AdultFriendFinder, and me  

sammiesunshine 47M
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6/15/2006 8:12 pm
Korean cooking,AdultFriendFinder, and me

I get frustrated when I go to a Korean restuant. They have a grill in the middle of the table and they put great looking meat on it. They also bring anywhere from 7-14 side dishes. ... ... ... yeah then you eat. But no one tells you what to do with the meet. Like when it's ready to eat. If it is better rare or well done. No one tells exactly how to eat the meat. They say put it in some lettuce. It took me 4 tries at diffrent restuants before I figured out some combinations that I liked.

The funniest thing was I went to a resurant alone and one of the waitresses actually showed me how to eat the stuff. I still don't understand why my "friends" wouldn't do that. I found the combination of ingredients that made me happy and feel like I was the king at a royal feast.

I am finding out that AdultFriendFinder is the same way. There are a ton of ingredents here. It is all about how you put them together that makes you happy.

I've been wandering around and looking at the diffrent posts. I see some people who are frustrated becouse they want a quick hook up. I see other people that are frustrated becouse they want to find a partner. I see some people who are quite content with what they have.

I was very intimidated by the Korean restruants becouse I didn't know what I was suppose to be doing. I was afaid of doing it wrong. And yeah they same people who wouldn't tell me the right way to do it, sure spoke up when I did it the wrong way. (yeah that pissed me off).

I have no idea if i'm using AdultFriendFinder the right or wrong way. I like reading other people's blogs and try to leave thoughtful notes behind. I LOVE watching the women get themselves off on the instent messaging web cams. I'm hoping that this stratagy will work. Right now I'm happy as a clam.

I got a hook up invite, but the distance was to far and there wasn't enough advance notice. Crud if she was in town I'd being having drinks with her at the bar now.

I love it that people actually check out my blog. I think that's what I like best about this is I have the freedom talk about whatever I want. Same with the web cam, I can watch women that turn me on get off (and me off too) with out the pain of rejection or complecation. (BTW the ones with sound seam to get off on camera more)(maybe its just me )

yeah..I write these things while I'm resting up for another go round. I hope the two bi chicks are going at it. One was doing this foot fetish thing to the camera...made someone happy..I'm not really into that.

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