If you ain't laughing your screamin'  

sammiesunshine 47M
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6/14/2006 12:06 pm
If you ain't laughing your screamin'

Well today is one of those days when you think you've done good,but find out....it ain't good enough.

I've just recently come back from South Korea where I was teaching English to 4-12 year olds...yeah the sunshine got a little dim over there.

I loved it...and hated it. I mean come on! 4 year olds are hard enough when they speak english...I was with 8 of them who spoke zero english..only Korean. It was my job to teach them.

I'm pretty proud of myself I taught them the basic colors, and simple sentences. Drained the life out of me along with the other work...if you really want to hear the long version of the story..you have to email me...

I came back home, I think I have a job..and hopefully I can get back to school to get the teaching certificate for her in the states. I found that I love teaching.

Dad is hitting his 70th Birthday and everyone is going nuts...I'm blessed that he is still around.

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