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7/18/2006 6:21 am

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Free fall

Have you ever done a freefall? A fall from a great hight without the absolute guarente of landing safely.

I've done the Airborne its only static line, but you get a good 3 seconds of free fall.

Now the reason its called jump school is that you actually learn to jump. A C-130 has propellers and you need to jump into clean air to get a good exit from the aircraft. Not getting a good jump means getting caught up in the propblast...which well..spins you.

I made 3 jumps from a C-130..the first two I had pretty clean exits. One was was so-so..

The third I "stood in the door"...which was blast of a life time. I was the first person out of the plane and had to..well stand in the door..untill it was clear to jump..I got a horriable exit. I don't know if I was pushed or just had a weak asses exit..not like it matters..I tumbled like a top..I remember holding a good tight position and watching the plane fly paracute opening above me and slamming into the harness as I fell under it...weeee that was fun..makes rollercosters tame.

When your falling from the have the trust in the equipment, the rigger who packed it...and in pull the reaserve.

When your falling in don't have any one packed anything for you have yourself..and God.

I really hate "Footprints" that poem about two people walking on the set is set is Gods..Its a mans journey through life..and from time to time you can only see one set. The man says to God why did you leave me in the times I most needed you. God answers "I didn't leave you . I was carring you"

I'm in free fall again..It's just me and the sky. I'm trusting that I actually have a paracute. I'm trusting that it will open. I'm trusting that God packed it.

The first few jumps I made..I think I trusted the person who packed my chute more then I trusted my self. Thank God they knew what they were doing...I didn't.

The first time I climbed into a tank was the same way...God was I scared. It was a practice qualification...the first one I had done on my own men..just me and my training..what I could remember..I made so many mistakes..I think one engagment I made a 70 point crew cut...which is huge..I pretty much got points off for everything I possiably could.

I settled down and got to the point that I didn't get anymore crew cuts..I got my TC engagement..had problems on the I practed with the .50 in the simulator and out..I snagged extra ammo to practice..I eventually got to the point of getting zero crew cuts..and my 150 points...but I never did max the qualification table.

Got to the point that at NTC..I ended up with a huge amount of Ammo..the ready rack was full...the semi-ready was near full...CO was an idiot.

I fired all the ready..and would transfer 3 rounds at a time from the semi-ready..We were one of the last tanks firing..that was a night..better then standing in the door.

I haven't told these stories in over 10 years. I think mostly becouse people don't understand..or care to understand.

I'm trying to convince myself that everything will be ok. I am starting over..again..I don't know if I have another start over in me. I'm already second guessing going back to school. I'm actually happy working 3rd shift in a wherehouse..

I mentioned in another post that Johnny Cash did a cover of and Iggy Pop song called the passanger. I actually draw strenght from that.."Everything we see is yours and mine..lets go see whats ours" The song is about an additude that everything belongs to us..lets go take a ride and see what we own.

I did one table 12 in my life. I went during the day..but it took so long to reset that 2 platoons went at night. I was sleeping on my tank..and was woken up..there was a sand storm blowing..and I watched as 4 tanks chewed up targets down ranged...muzzle flashes..tracers from the main gun rounds..machine guns... It was like a Sci-fi move , war on mars..Thats what its like to own someone.

I read about the battle of 73 easting..when the 2nd ACR had tanks...God help those Iraqis...

My point is....I have no point. I'm in a bad space and trying to pych myself up.

I had a very opptomistic 18+ follow me around tonight. She even ate lunch with me. Another memeber of the Vigian Club..doh..Maybe she could feel the pain..maybe not..she is cute in a evniornmental friendly kind of way.. Very skinny, has a butt..perky A cupps..the kind you can suck, but not palm. Yeahhh...has me jerking off to teen porn..

If you have bothered to read this far you get 20 Sammie points. Email me to redeam..I might actually break out the camera.

Now I have to add some filler to make sure that people don't just scroll down to the end to see what my point is.

I have no point....for once.

Send me pictures of your titties..(sorry that was Mr. Hand..I'll explain about him in another post..but yeah..Mr. Hand is not nice..and a pervert)

SmallTightKitty2 107F

7/18/2006 1:35 pm

Sweetie you're very depressed...not good....not good at all!! You have me worrying about you.

CastsAetasPoets 53F

7/19/2006 3:13 pm

Sammie, I have not been free falling literally, but I have in life. It's a terrible downward spiral into darkness. Not a good place to find yourself. Put a smile on your face and think of my titties. I hope you get to a better place in your head.

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