The Black-out  

salasana99 42M
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2/2/2006 8:26 am

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8/27/2006 12:43 am

The Black-out

I wish this was a dream. On Monday I had a migrane seizure and sitting in taxi on my way to work, I blacked out. Before the thing I remember saying to the cab driver to take me to the hospital, and that's the last thing I can actually remember. I couldnĀ“t see pretty much anything, since all I saw were the migrane textures flying straight toward my face. It felt real as hell. After six hours, they let me go home.

saddletrampsk 55F

2/2/2006 9:45 am

Im so sorry for your pain..I also suffer from migraines although they are only occassional and I always end up in the hospital..

salasana99 42M

2/2/2006 12:07 pm

Thanks for your concern! I'm already OK now

southrnpeach333 51F

2/4/2006 3:36 pm

jeez, what a scare. can they be prevented in the future?

salasana99 42M

2/4/2006 11:33 pm

Thanks for the concern, I guess they cant be fully prevented, but they're pretty rare for me, so it's not a huge problem

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