No pants  

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3/31/2006 5:31 am

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No pants

In Helsinki, there´s a tradition called the "night of arts" (taiteiden yö), when people go out once a year to see and visit all different sorts of art things that are presented in the streets, art galleries and bookstores, like plays, sculptures, different kinds of performance shows and so on (in its some 10-15 years of existence, it has turned also into a beer- and booze-drinking day for teens, a day to walk around town and drink booze, but that´s beside the point).

This time, there was some kind of a thing where you were supposed to go more or less naked (or I thought so), and I went there but only to notice everyone else had their clothes on, and I was there with only a t-shirt on. I also hadn't thought at all that I'd go with friends to see and take part in many other things as well, and hadn't took any other clothes with me. So, I walked around half-dressed with everything showing and all I could think of, was that my legs don't look good enough.

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