Hmmmmm what to say  

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7/14/2005 7:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hmmmmm what to say

Well i didnt believe much in AdultFriendFinder and it seems that it is a great way of meeting people. I have only met one (email) and the person is very nice and seems to be on the same page as myself sexually. So it should make for a wonderfull time. I expressed to her my likes and dislikes and my interests and surprise they were like hers. Im very excitied to meet and see what happens

Of course its not a relationship as i dont want to ruin what i have and she doesnt what to ruin what she has so it looks like it will work but WHO KNOWS. We might not be a sexual match at all she could move on or i could move on.

I must admit that waiting to meet and the anticipation is wonderfull. It really fills a need that i have in my life since im so sexually charged. I probably will keep having relationships as long as the ladies are also mature and looking for similar interests.
I dont really meet lots of women on a daily basis and its because i cant be aggressive but i really do enjoy sex.

Im not stretching the truth that i get hard at least a dozen times a day and pleasure myself as much as i can . Having sex is like a marathon and i really try to please a women if it means fucking her hard and grabbing her hair to a more sensual sex making like spooning or a more grinding option.

I dont know ill keep yea posted

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