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5/27/2006 5:33 pm

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It Speaks!

My wife tells me I should talk to people on here. She is probably right, but most of the time when I'm not at work I can't stand sitting at the computer, even as cool as the folks here seem to be. So I decided I'd just write here on the blog so everyone could get my side of the story.

Actually, my side of the story is pretty much her side of the story. We're just copacetic like that. She does think I should let people know about me, in my own words. I'll agree.

Let's see, what should people know? I'm fat, and bald, and I wear glasses. My body hair is, well, extant. Aside from my wife, the biggest loves of my life are as follows:

* Books.

My two favorite writers are Time Power and James Ellroy. If you know anything about the two of them that pretty much explains what you need to know about my tastes. Other current favorites include Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Connie Willis, Bernard Cornwell, Patrick O'Brian, and Mary Gentle. I've shared thoughts about all the books I've read since 2000 over on my web site.

* Roleplaying Games.

I first tossed some weird-sided dice back in the 6th grade. 18 years later I still game regularly. Ive never really gotten into computer games, LARPS, or online role-playing. I like the back and forth around the table, face to face. I'm a big GURPS fanboy, but at the moment I am pondering new campaigns with D&D, Conspiracy of Shadows, A Game of Thrones, and/or Unknown Armies. Kenneth Hite is my favorite RPG writer, if that has any meaning.

* Movies.

I love movies. My tastes are not confined by genre, though I do like some more than others. I like classics and new releases. I an a real cinema buff, yeah. Top films would include: L. A. Confidential, Night of the Hunter, and I'll throw in The Devil's Rejects because I am just thrilled as hell with what Rob Zombie accomplished there.

* History.

I love history. I read loads of non-fiction, almost all of it historically related. name an era, I'm into it.

* Photography.

This is a newer addition, but I love it. I am hoping to turn it into a career down the road.

In addition to all that I just like to have fun with cool, smart, open-minded people; preferably geeky ones.

Peace out, yo.

- SP

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