About me and my views on open relationships.  

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5/19/2006 1:23 am
About me and my views on open relationships.

As the girl in the relationship, I'm the harder one to get along with. I've been told I don't take shit from anyone, mostly because I don't believe in leaving things unsaid. I speak my mind and I don't play games.

I believe in honesty, but not brutal honesty. Being honest is hard enough without being mean. My husband also believes in honesty, but he's more diplomatic that I am. I think he has a better sense of timing and tact.

I've written essays and had long conversations about open relationships, and the recurring theme is that it's harder than a monogamous relationship. More people are involved and that means more people's feeling that could get hurt.

When people talk to me about opening up their relationship to other participants, my first question is 'why?' If their answer is about fixing problems or giving one partner more liberties, I have nothing good to say.

I think open, polyamorous, or swinging relationships are best for couples that already have a solid foundation. Opening your relationship up to other partners only invites problems. I'm not denying the excitement and fun that comes along side those other problems.

I'm of the mind that love lost is better than no love at all. For me, finding a new friend is very close to falling in love. I think I have more of a European view of friendship than many of my peers. My friends are my family. I invest time and emotion into my friendships, the same way I invest in my lovers.

More later, PinkHairedGirl.

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