There is always time..........  

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4/1/2005 7:09 pm

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There is always time..........

I am amazed on how time affects everything in life. As I was on vacation from work, exhausted from all my recent activity, I was more stressed than I would be at work.

Feeling anxious, so I went to the gym. Didn't work, even though I worked that machine to death and managed to burn off my breakfast and lunch. I then decided to catch up on my magazines and newspapers. That did not work either. I hate daytime TV, so that was out of the question.

Is my life this busy where I could not even find time to relax? I was to the point where I was walking around jittery, even though I am not a coffee drinker. Then I realized, I was suffering from withdrawal. No sex, and I get really pissy and jittery. Bad sex will make it worse, so doing anyone new was out of the question. So I decided to take things in my own hands (no pun intended). I then went in my "special" drawer and pulled out my newest toy and put in a adult DVD that hopefully would cause me incessant shaking and total relaxation. After 20 minutes, I got some satisfaction, but realized I needed better porn (IF ANYONE HAS ANY MOVIES TO SUGGEST, PLEASE LET ME KNOW). I could of course try mental stimulation, but being the multitasking woman that I am, my mind would of totally floated from getting head from a skilled specimen to whether I had I had to carpool to gymnastics. Shit, I am going to need the real thing.

With this in mind most of the week, I was completely overjoyed to get the call from 4-play. After juggling my schedule, I rushed immediately to our meeting place and did not waste time. It was all worth it, and I was pissed I delayed it for a week. To be able to give head and get off on that was enough for me, but to get itfrom someone who knew the spots to lick was a blessing. He eliminated 2 weeks of stress in less than an hour. I could say I saw dots if I wasn't moaning so loud. I have never been agreeable to quickies, but if you hit the right spots, you don't need 2 hours.

So now I need another outlet in between these sessions. There is always the swingers group I encountered, or a complete evaluation of my toys to see which one actually does the trick. I am at the point where I really do not want a monogamous relationship, because I do not have time for all the drama that comes with it. And it is not just me. I get emails and IM's all the time from people who are looking to get laid, not loved. I used to have multiple partners in the past, only because of the things they did, or the equipment they had. Like someone who could I could wrap my legs around and they would do it nice and slow; or the next man who appreciated when I gave them head, and would try to fuck my mouth; or even the other man who just love to eat pussy and did not want anything else (Of course I am doing all this with protection). It was no more than two at a time, just enough to where if one was not available, I could call the other.

I got all the time in the world to see what happens.............

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