Weird sort of day!!  

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2/17/2005 3:16 pm

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Weird sort of day!!

You ever have one of those days that gets alittle bizarre? (Fairly much sums up my twilight zone life from time to time) I should have stayed in bed. After all I am on holidays (Vacation) and should do what I dam well please. A jumble of thoughts of the day.

Unfortunately my ex decided to drop some paperwork around for me to sign. When you split up why is there som much endless paperwork? I am most hating just about everyone's lack of customer service and you have to constantly hassle people to do there job and change things. Today it was car insurance we had been at them for almost 6 months to change a name. A fricken name come on people it should be done over the phone. My Ex and I sort of still get along quite okay. Long story. Actually I have been her emotional support since we split up. Almost a year ago, dam time fly's fast. Which I don't know why I do as she still does not listen to any advice I give her. But I still care enough to help her if she is in real trouble or actually needed help. Ended up having lunch we her and listened to how wonderful her life is or is not which depends on how the wind blows. Something I try to avoid because we end up laughing at each other. (and then more negative of every bad thing I did in the relationship. I prefer to learn from the negative and dwell on the positive. Not constantly dwell on the negative.)

Got me a little depressed because the amount of guys that are fussing over her and listening to all her problems that that interns. Gee why can't I have that many ladies fussing over me... LOL To have to quandary of who to go out with? I will settle for a simple problem of do I wear the blue or red shirt on the date I am having. Yes the numbers game and the dynamics of how males and females interrelate prove just how easy it should be for a girl to find a mate. (Although in the spiteful part of my mind I laugh again because the guy she wants to be with is not right for her and I feel is just using her. But not my problem I have given "Advice" on the subject several times already.) As usual I offer nothing on how my life is going because she really does not care, (All about me syndrome) and why offer her any glimpse of what I am doing (Usually somehow uses it against me in some way or gets pissy. Hello you can do the exact thing and I can't make the same comment or be judgmental. We are divorced are we not? If you want to pick over my life lets get married again and you have the right to do so! Usual Double standards which broke us apart.)

Which reminds me of a nice AdultFriendFinder story (With extra sprinkle of double standards). After we broke up I put an online ad on AdultFriendFinder some how my ex found out. Heck I was only wanting a partner/bedroom buddy with extras maybe a relationship as I missed the physical side of the relationship. It's just like a dating site but with more cocks and boobs. I was accused of being creepy for months. Funny things is my ex was on AdultFriendFinder when we where together looking to be involved in a 3 way. So how am I creepy? Oh well Looks like I am creepy again. I am so creepy I just can't bring myself to put the obligatory cock shot. That is not me I do have some standards. Hopefully woman aren't as shallow as us guys and get completely hooked on a boob, bum or clit. Tasteful yet amusing shirts off photo is about the best I can do. (Like you just have them lying about anyway. "Heck I have that nice photo of my cock from the family album I just wack that on the site and impress the ladies!!" LO I can be shallow just like the next guy be I need to see a face and maybe get a glimpse of personality. Give me humor anyday. LOL (Back story on this little gem of us on AdultFriendFinder was it with my okay and something we discussed for her to be in AdultFriendFinder. Being the person she was decided that if this was to happen it was better for me not to be involved. As she said she could not do it with another woman with me, dam it all LOL, and did not think I could stand seeing her with another guy. Although I told her whatever made her happy I would be willing to try and explore with her. You know the whole couples exploring together thing. I was quite happy for her to explore her sexuality provided she was safe and was open about it. The fact she was very sexually repressed because of religious beliefs and upbringing I was surprised and proud of her exploring her inner feelings. As you probably can tell I am reasonably open about sexuality although don't like any double standards it may represent and in the end come down to. If you can have an open calm discussion on it you are half way there. IE guys you want a threesome with you female partner and another woman be prepared to do the same for you partner with another guy. If you can see the latter happening they you also should not see the first happening.)

Actually had a nice chat (A couple of emails) with a lovely girl half way across the country yesterday. (Always the way they can never be close) Although it is a big boost to the ego just to have someone, anyone contact you and make initial contact to boot. Guys will understand this where most females on AdultFriendFinder probably dream of days where no-one contacts them. A rare thing for a female to make initial contact. Well in my experiance it's been that way.

Anyway my random though are jumping about too much. (At least they make sence to me) Signing off.

LustGoddess2469 51F  
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2/17/2005 6:09 pm

Ahhh....the good old double standard. Gotta love em - kinda like how men and women are judged by the amount of sexual partners they have. If a man has several partners, he's usually considered "a stud", but if a woman has several partners, she's usually considered "a slut". Why is that?


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