Too long (or is it) Bye Bye!!!  

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4/14/2005 6:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Too long (or is it) Bye Bye!!!

I have not ventured in here in ages. Have not had the need to or wanted to. *Again I get very board after the first 5 minutes of looking at titties* The novelty wears off really fast.

At present my profile will probably remain off. (I turned it off about a week ago) Main reason I came back in to make sure I had turned off any auto renew feature and turn off the annoying emails I get.

I met someone and things seems to be going okay. (Yes beleive it or not regardless of how low this site seems to be you can meet nice people on here. People with similar outlooks on life. Basicly you can meet what you are looking for be it at different ends of the spectrum sometimes.) Turned the profile off after meeting for the second time. Which is only fair as she is a very nice woman. Beciedes I don't need to keep multipul relationships running at once. One is enough for me. So we will go from there.

So I guess this is goodbye. (I admit it has been fun and dissapointing at times. But sometimes you get lucky the planets go into allignment, fate smiles on you and you met someone special.That likes you for you. Which is a nice touch!)

The real story and adventure begins now!!!

(Money well spent)

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