Relistic thoughts..............  

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2/16/2005 8:04 am

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Relistic thoughts..............

Heck why not go the full bore and keep a "blog" of my time here. (With serious thought in the back of my mind that it may just improve my chances a % or 2. What's that raise my changes to about 3% LO

It has not been the first time I have been on this site. (Last time there was mixed results). Actually statistically speaking I did very well last time. Got one response, sent out 6 odd email got a few responses back. Went out with a nice lady a couple of times. (did not get laid, dam it) You could called that successful when you look at the lopsided number that are on this site. Then got realistic, annoyed and frustrated with the whole system and deleted everything and gave it a rest.

When mathematically speaking the guys out number the girls buy about 10 to 1 (Realistically that should mean 9 out of ever 10 will meet failure. Probably more. Oooh the confidence level just dropped.) It is a seller market for guys and a buyers market for girls (IE guys have to actively pursue where as females just have to pick and choose from the hundreds of emails they receive. Or go surfing thru the sea of dicks to find someone, literally.) Although I can pick and choose even with one response. I am in control of my life and can do that. (Or am I that desperate I can be choosy??) I am a realist and it does not get me down, dam being educated has its throwbacks.

Anyway onward to an active journal of my thoughts on this site, updated when the mood takes me. (Until it frustrates me again)

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