It's been a while  

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3/13/2005 5:17 pm

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It's been a while

It's been a few weeks since I logged into here. (Call it lack of interest on my part)

I get board, frustrated and think I have blown my money after about the initial week. The novelty does wear off after the intital days of looking at lots of boobies. LOL (I now remember why I canceled my membership about 6 months ago.) Had absolutly no-one contact me. And I am not counting the 3 fake other pay sites pretenting to be someone. At least no dudes yet.

I have contacted a select few (About 5 that I have found interesting.) Have had one responce. Which is quite good. One out of 5 aint bad.

Although like last time I have been talking to a very charming lady for about a month. (Which I met on here) Have not met in person yet but it will come in time. (Not that I am in any rush) Seems an interesting person and intially we get along. Although I am taking it really one day at a time not expecting instant love, sex or friendship. But I am alittle optimistic as Beth Anne is a nice woman, very career driven, independent, fairly attractive (from the one jungle greens desert shot, Army Girl) quite funny (When not over worked and underslept, sounds simmilar to me.)

So we will shall see.

Check in a bit soon with more news.

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