Gods are against me.  

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2/18/2005 10:19 am

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Gods are against me.

Sometimes I have to laugh about the goings on of my life. The high powers that control the flow of life decided to have a laugh at the expense of me late yesterday although redeemed the fabric of the universe this morning. Or maybe just setting me up for a bigger punch line.

I got food poising and felt so sick last night. (Puts new meaning into that country song I "fell into a burning ring of fire") I am sure it was my ex's doing as I had lunch with her yesterday. LOL Bad Chinese food.

I decided to get the courage up and ask someone out that I know. (I have procrastinated about it for about a week) Now this is a real person totally separate to AdultFriendFinder Network, so there was more reality to it all. I can be so confidant here because of the aninimity and alufeness the Internet tends to provide. You can disappear so easy on the Internet. But real world stuff is so real. I did my usually ritual of preparing for the rejection (And if there was none it would have been an added bonus). I just don't know that many woman I am interested in, have exausted work and friends of friends avenue. (I have to get better friends LO Part of the reason I am back here on AdultFriendFinder. Anyway I punched the numbers into my mobile phone, phone rings, girl answers I get about 3-4 words out, phone goes static, cries of death and my mobile quits working. (Complete and utter piece of junk Motorola/Cingular I have. I been acting up for about 6 months but I don't particular want to get locked into another dead end plan lake the last I was in. Another wonderful idea my ex had.) Great impression I left there. To make matters worse 3 days ago I canceled my home phone, why am I paying $40 a month for something I never use bar the calls to home (Australia). And I use calling cards for that so a mobile should be okay? Great I can't call her. Hoof it down to the local phone box which is out of order. Getting annoyed and each pasing second I feel more foolish. Hoping to make contact soon so I don't come off really foolish. So I then send some stupid email thingy off to her because courage was still with me. What was I thinking. Now I am sure I will I get a no. Boost to the confidence level there. I am such a fool well at least feel that way. Gee I would have preferred a straight simple no.

Although I am sure the gods felt sorry for me and put something into work. Got on AdultFriendFinder this morning and had a wink, email and an invite to a network. Admittedly the wink and network invite was from a friend half way across the country. Making me feel special like she is want to do. At least I can put a face to the picture of the bum. LOL. Nice. Oooh get all excited I got an email. (User is female which is a plus) Email although brief was from someone at least in the same state not in the same town although not that far away so I should not complain. After all she initiated it, I am most respectfully of a female that does that. Sent a response back so I will wait and see how that progresses.

I must admit it must be the time of year or something when I was on AdultFriendFinder 4-6 months ago as a paying member I got about as may looks as I did in now in about the week I then I did then. This is a good thing, have my looks improved? Or has everyone else's standards sunk? (it the one handed shirtless hand stand, that's what it must be. It is so impressive. LO Next week I may even send out the obligatory couple of emails that may never get read. I sort of think what chance do I have when every female gets bombarded with hundreds of emails. Fact I getting the odd email from woman is a nice change. (I swear last time I got more emails from guys, which although flattering in a way I can't describe was not helpful) I am amazed that there are some of the same people here that where when I last was here. (Either they have having way too much fun, have not found what they are looking for in life or do it for the ego trip. I don't understand as some of them are what I would term super beautiful. How can someone that good looking not have packed it in. Maybe there is more to it than just looks. Humanity does show brief signs of redemption occasionally than the superficial thing we have become. Although I do admit everyone looks okay when they are 100x100 pixels in height)

Last day of my holidays (Vacation) And I plan to head off the the San Antonio Rodeo during the day. Typical SA Rodeo weather, crappy. Being originally from the Country the SA Rodeo and Stock Show reminds me of a thing Called the Royal Show where I come from. Sort of like a State fair. So I will wander round and soak up the country atmosphere, alone unfortunately. (I can't be rather impressive with my knowledge of farm animals.) I will wear my cowboy hat, Australian style and fit in no end. Wander for several hours. Go on several over the top carnival rides and stay away from the Octopus (The old school ride that made me sick last year. Modern day rides although very thrilling don't have the feel of rides designed in the 60-70.) Buy very over priced food and probably have a good time. Get me out of the house at least. Probably check in again tonight.

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