Annoyed No end.  

saaussiedude1 47M
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2/22/2005 5:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Annoyed No end.

As I think I have mentioned several time before in other blogs being a guy on this site your chances are slim at best. Heck I could sit here and email every woman in a 100 mile radius and probably get back as many responses as with the carefully selected few I do email. (and the only reason I decided to become a silver member as a basic member allows you nothing. The constant popping up of the upgrade screen is bothersome and the lack of being able to do any sort of interaction is very frustration. (Although I am sure everyone has probably figured out they can view other profiles even at restricted membership) Heck you can wink at each other to show interest. But 2 basic member can contact each other so what the point. I will just wink my thoughts with Morse code I am sure they will get that.) Probably would increase my chances slightly if I email everyone but I would prefer to look at the photos and read the profiles and have a bit of thought put into a choice. Have somewhat of a level conscious though rather that let it be purely physical about it. "Nice 'insert rude bit here' I think I will contact her") Give me a great personality over super good looks anyday. There has to be something in the profile that makes me want to contact that person.

Okay back to the annoyed part of today. (actually most week) I get a response back from someone I emailed. Not bad one response from 4 emails. Usual sort of small email you tend to get back. Brief how are you, small talk and stuff with the hidden outside email contact included. Send to the outside email account then I start getting strange emails from (generic right first name of the person I contact but changing last name and different email addresses) inviting me to contact her through another Adult website. (The only way to get into this one is pay) Nice scam there. Great from the little amount of woman I have to find one of the probably few that are totally fake and a scam of some sort. (Me thinks your profile will be reported because I feel like it. I wonder how many people actually fall for that. Although I paid for this site so I guess you can class me as kind of dumb anyway.) Gawd I would prefer the one email then no contact back. Or just plain no contact back.

Also annoyed because my friends dog who somehow seems to be living at my house ate my cable/phone again. It was out for almost 3 days. Another one of those nice guy things that littialy bites me in the bum. (Have I mentioned I also have a morbid fear of dogs. I was mauled as a kid fairly badly.) The things you do for friends, even ones that have no sence of responsibility.

I can tell my week is only going to go down hill. (Although my K9 friend is reportedly leaving tomorrow. Although he was also reportedly leaving several times before. Also was reportedly not coming to the house with his master too. You can tell which way that went)

On the AdultFriendFinder The last person who contacted me has not written me back. (Usual thing. Hey you initiated contact I am owed at least a 'I am not interested now excuse is abc' Email. The Internet is a breeding ground for rude people.) The scammer one I am going to block and report. The other couple of interesting choices I have chosen I will wait and see where they go. See where the wind blows me next.

wyvernrose 39F  
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3/19/2005 3:49 am

some of us are real, don't panic too much aussie dude, just think of it this way, it's those girls who don't bother responding who end up losing out, there are some pretty decent guys hanging around on here, not all of them are perverted single minded sex machines lol although I don't mind the ones who are either


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