Hello peps! Im your regular funny guy that....  

s_m_ritemeow 37M
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7/23/2005 12:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hello peps! Im your regular funny guy that....

Boobies?...now that i have your attention. Why does everyone on here take this shit so seriously really, like fuck is this your only means of sexual gradification, is to fuck with people and not in a good way. Like for fuck sakes if I wink at yah at least you can do is wink back fuck its common curtisy. Its not like your commited to have any sexual encounter with me, what im saying is "hi I think your pretty or sexy or the combonation of both, and if the chance was EVER to arrise, Hell yeah i would let you play with my Raging fuck stick or penis for the stupid people, but I have no fucking clue who u are and vise versa. So be polite and say Hi back. Im no fn creep that will hunt u down and say "duh yucknut you winked at me on AdultFriendFinder you owe me anal sex...duh yuck" but what i do owe you is a cup of coffee in a public place so we can talk and find out if i really would want to mess around with you. some of these up tight pompus pecker heads (this is not everyone by the way) would get their head out of their asses so i can stick my raging fuck stick in there instead. ok ok its more like a twig but still. I'm sure it would be more satisfing for us both but they wont cuz alot of guys will pull their puds on cam at the slitest indication that they have a women turned on, which is just dumb. for fuck sakes do you really need to offend or discust them before you met them? If i was to say hi to u in the street im sure id get one back?...No, Well in that case i really wouldnt want to be even an aquatence of yours. Cause you suck and not in the productive way. later peps i've said enough and offend many...ahhhh my job is done. I'm Rick James, Bitch!

fuckmelikumeanit 54F

7/27/2005 6:37 am

hey there how about u do my peircing for me..i live in toon as well and have replied to your winks....talk later

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