When your best mates a drunk haha!  

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2/19/2006 6:39 pm

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When your best mates a drunk haha!

We've seen 'em, talked to 'em, avoided 'em and maybe even been one. I'm talking about guys that get full of piss (alcohol) and become your best mate when 5 minutes ago they were total strangers.

At the club yesterday and sure enuf there was one there. I started talking with my mate Tubbs about Bon Scott (ACDC) and how they're going to erect a statue for him in Freo then this guy (Dave) latched onto me, patting me on the back yayaya.

Sure enuf the whole bar basically avoided him. Really we should have got him a taxi and told him to piss off. I havn't seen him before so I guessed he was with others coz you gotta get signed in by a member or be one to get into the Newman Club (Social Club in Newman).

Eventually he was all over Ray (a small Maori guy) who was sitting down and I could see it coming. Sure enuf 15 minutes later Ray punched him out cold.

Feel a bit sorry for the guy as he just had too much to drink. These boys work 12 hours a day and sometimes got problems back at home so they get carried away sometimes.

Bit dark at Ray for hitting him as there was no need for it. Punching a half comatoase drunk is a bit cowardly in my opinion. We should have stepped in earlier. Note for future reference.

PIC: BBQ at me mates. No Dave No problem haha!

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