Big bad wolf haha  

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2/12/2006 4:08 pm

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Big bad wolf haha

Known this local girl for a while socially ...not from this site so there you go haha. She's keen to move in just as friends and see what happens. She needs dominating ie to be taken care of, loved and given a strong hand. Bit a lost little lamb.

Terms are: To avoid any defacto/financial complications she's gotta pay me rent. Therefore legally she'll be classified as a boarder not my partner. So it's no defacto, no half of everything and if I blow my dust it aint gonna be inside her. I'm just a little cautious about these things as I've heard some real horror stories how guyz have had their balls tied in knots by innocent women looking to screw her man good and proper.

The last time a bird lived with me I wanted tear her head off it was that bad. I'm up for it though, guess you don't know till you try hey.



Ok she didn't even get to move in after she started talking about getting married etc. We were talking about ABC and somehow she got to Z. I got the feeling she was just stringing me along to set me up for the fall. Luckily I had the commonsense to get out before I got involved in something that would have been a downward spiral. Friends with benefits turned into some heavy shit. I maybe green but I aint cabbage.


PS. I need my fucking head examined, can't believe I got into this bullshit in the first place. Thinking with my cock again, I'm normally pretty switched on.

PIC: My future "wife" at Karijini haha. I thought the flys were bad!

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