what a day  

rtm9705 44M
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7/17/2006 10:42 am
what a day

oh what a day here in bumfuck mn. if anyone actually reads this i wonder what you expect? i do not know what to type half of the time so i just let my thoughts ramble on like today... just got done mowing the lawn in this wonderful 100 degree heat and thought i would come on here and shoot the shit with a blank white screen.. if you are from mn. i have a question how hard is it to answer an e mail? must be hard since so few do it. to those that do answer i say thank you and you have been nice.. those who have know who they are so i guess thanks aren't really necessary. now i have seen that others outside of mn. have looked here so i post the question to you why is it hard to answer an e-mail and once again if you are rude you need not reply. here is what i am thinking if you go over to a woman at the bar and talk to her if she is not interested she will tell you. but then here it is the opposite it is ok to ignore you. i have said it before it is easier to be an asshole or a bitch if you do not have to look the person in the face if you think that is a wrong assessment then go ahead and tell me. i am not trying to start an arguement here just wondering if that is accurate for a majority of people on here. if you look at those active at any time something like 100,000 and those that actually will talk to you whether on chat or in an email the number is significantly lower. thought here was where you were supposed to lose your inhibitions? hmm well that is enough rambling for now good bye and take care...

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