Feeling Aroused  

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2/12/2006 9:02 pm

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4/23/2006 2:45 pm

Feeling Aroused

My email to you. After talking to you last night I was so aroused. I laid in bed thinking about the trip we are planning and of course my mind wandered to the incredilbe sex we will have. These are my thoughts:

I thought of us at a bungalow on our own private island. We are just lazing in bed after a wonderful breakfast of each other and decide to go for a walk on the beach. We are walking along the shore with the wet sand squishing between our toes and gazing at the beautiful clear blue water and the engulfing waves. We decide to take a swim and play in the water for a while.

But as we begin to remove our clothes our eyes gaze hungrily upon each other's body. You love admiring my soft big tits and the wind blowing against them makes my nipples hard as they jut out the perfect size for you to rub between your finger and thumb. As I gaze upon your beautiful brown body I see the state of my nipples has affected you as your cock begins to swell. My eyes devour you. You step closer to take my nipples in your fingers and gently twist them, knowing this drives me wild with desire. You bend your head and take one in your mouth and gently suck it, then the other, then a little harder making me arch my back in reflex.

You know I am already beginning to get wet and you know I want you to rub my pussy and my clit, but you don't allow me the pleasure because you want my passion to rise higher and you know sucking my nipples will cause that to happen. You move closer to me, your hard cock touches my swollen lips and my body quivers from the touch. I reach out to touch your ass, but you stop my arms in mid air and hold them to the side as you move your hips closer to me, your cock pushing into me. I gasp and begin to moan. I start to move my arms to touch you, but you won't allow it. You pull my arms behind my back and hold them there with one hand. You grasp the back of my hair and pull my head back and drive your tongue into my mouth as your cock pushes harder against my mound.

I moan as I move closer to you, you release my arms and grasp my ass and allow me the pleasure of your touch as you pull me to you. I place my hands on your ass and pull you to me, moaning deep, you smile knowing how much I needed to feel you. You reach down and put your hand on me and move my legs slightly apart and run your fingers inside my hot swollen lips then inside rubbing my clit. I moan and move my hips to suck your fingers into my pussy. It is so hot and so wet, you push your fingers deeper making me writhe with sweet pain.

I reach down and grasp your balls, oh they are so hard and feel so good in my hand. I wrap my hand around your cock and stroke you. I start to bend, but you pull me to the sand with you. You move your head downward and I tremble knowing you're going to bring me such wonderful pleasure. You spread my legs apart and kiss my lips and lick my g-spot then slide your tongue into me. I am dying, my back is arching, I'm thrusting toward your tongue, I'm moaning begging you not to stop, oh God don't stop.

Your hands are under my ass pulling me toward your face as you bury it in my warmth. I place my hands on my tits to rub them, but you move them away and place your hands there and rub them so softly making me arch toward you begging you with my movement to squeeze harder. My entire body is on fire I am wildly thrusting my hips to you. My hands reach for you to bring you up to me. I need to touch your balls and your cock, Oh I need to feel them. You see the need in my eyes and you allow it but only for a moment. You slide your body up to my waiting hands. You moan deep as I touch you as only I know how to bring you such pleasure. I move my hands to pull you up further to taste you. You oblige and let me begin to kiss and lick your balls and hard cock. You let me take each ball into my mouth and suck them. You let me slide the tip of your cock into my mouth and suck gently moving my tongue all around it. I slide more of you into my mouth sucking softly all the way down your shaft and firmer back to the tip. You moan deeply and thrust your hard, throbbing cock deeper into my throat allowing me to taste all of you.

You love it, but your intention is to bring me pleasure. You move slide down my body and lower your cock to softly touch my pussy. I moan, I writhe, I look into your eyes and plead with you to give me what I need. You happily oblige as you spread my legs and enter the tip of your cock inside me, making me moan, you slowly enter me, and I move my hips to take you deeper inside, but you won't allow it as you want me in total submission to you. You are my master and only you decide when to bring me to ecstacy. I am almost brought to tears by my deep desire for you. You begin to thrust again slowly and I move my hips to take you deeper. You stop again. I realize I must totally submit to you or you will not allow me the pleasure I crave.

I relax my body showing my submission. You again begin to slowly thrust I want to move to you, but know it will only cease this wonderful feeling. You smile wickedly, your eyes sparkle as you know you control me. You begin to drive harder and deeper and harder and deeper, I almost move, but see the look of disapproval in your eyes, I stop myself. Knowing you have control makes your desire deeper. My arms are pinned under your strength and you drive all the way into me making my body move. You are plunging deeper than ever before, my head is moving from side to side as I feel the waves of passion. Finally you allow it, you tell me I may thrust, I wrap my legs around you and pull you deeper into me and thrust my hips to you. I begin to moan so deep as I gyrate my hips more, it is within my reach, the waves of ecstacy begin to rush over me it's here, I'm going to cum, you smile and tell me to cum for you, and with one final deep mind altering thrust I explode for you.

Your desire is at the pinnacle, you turn me over and pull me to all fours, your cock is slick from my cum, you slide the tip into my ass and I begin to wiggle my ass backwards to take more of you. You slowly slide every inch into my ass and you begin to plunge deeper and harder. You grab my hips and pull me toward you, you are driving you cock in so deep and so hard my tits begin to bounce. You reach for them, grab them and pull me back to you. You are moaning so deep and I know you are gong to cum, you plunge deep and explode inside me filling me with your sweet cum. You fall to the ground in exhaustion as I begin to lick and suck your cock cleaning it and getting you ready for the next round of pleasure.

Tell me babe as you read this does it bring the desired effects I want it to bring. Are you hard, are you stroking your cock for me, are you imagining this too.


elysianpleasure 48M

2/13/2006 5:08 am

It has its effects yes... welcome here. I enjoyed our first little meeting Come by and check out my place as well. I have a few posting in there... that hopefully will have a nice effect on your as well.

cravingtittyfuck 34M
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2/15/2006 4:11 pm

didnt read it all only read last paragraph and yeah i think we can make taht happen dare to try.

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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2/19/2006 7:05 am

It got Sail hard!!!

Purry {=}


snickers691000 48M
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4/10/2006 8:37 am

call me

rm_jethro648 68M
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4/18/2006 10:54 pm

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