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Swapping wives for photos

I found this story very interesting and enjoyable. The enjoyable part was naturally there. How things progressed from interest; to
exciting; to HOT.

The interesting part was how the feelings progressed. What was interesting, on the part of the spouses, how it became exciting.

From my past experiences, that the male usually has a thirst for experiencing more females than just his own mate. But the reality setting in of what I call "What's good for the Grander is also good for the Goose" Principle - If the guy is going to get to do something then the partner is going to get to the same thing or something of equal value. This, however usually stops some guys "dead in their TRACKS" usually because they don't want their spouses doing such things. While some guys, continue on without their partners which leads to "Cheating", sometimes involving both parties (husband and wife) or just one and not the other. While the"fair play" or "Good for the Goose/Gander" couple approaches the situation together.

My first wife, I wanted to get her involved in Swinging/Swapping was because I didn't care about what she "did" or "got" because at least I was going to get "something" rather than "nothing" which was, what I was getting at home - NOTHING !
Wife #2 wanted no part in it, and me not to participate in it either, which lead to me cheating on her because I felt that I was being "DENIED" of something that I might be able to do !
With my "LTR", I knew she was a "FLIRT" from the beginning; and could flirt with "Best of Them"; and could handle herself in any situation. (that's how she attracted me) I wanted to share the "Experience" together. She likes the "Idea" and can see herself "Doing It", but has trouble letting herself take action on it for the present. But however, She will be doing it sometime soon because the excitement and heat in her is BUILDING !

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9/14/2006 9:05 am

Thoughtful article, rosesjac, (you are in our network) I'd say (guy) you have it about right. But once the threshold has been crossed, if there is a second, or third....or more....event(s), there is a different bonding that takes place, perhaps even better, because it is more open and honest, and my experiences with other couples is just that. One new lady was VERY upset seeing her husband enjoying my partner......They came back for a threesome with me, without my partner! At the opposite end, a couple came to me (guy) for a 3some, he was literally unable to function sexually but didn't want to deprive his wife.....he took great pleasure in her pleasure, even taking pictures for their rememberances..

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quiero que me la chupes a mi

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