It's NOT a Knock-Knock Joke!!  

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2/19/2006 10:14 pm

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11/28/2007 8:52 am

It's NOT a Knock-Knock Joke!!

I told a friend about how on AdultFriendFinder you can meet all kinds of sexy people in chat rooms there. He got signed up and spent the whole night chatting to anybody and everybody.

The next day he went to a drugstore and asked the druggist if he had something that would give him some pick-up and energy. The druggist ask "Why?". My friend said that he had spent the whole night up chatting and he had 4 females coming over to
his place an hour apart, one after another. The druggist showed him what he had and winked at him and said "If you've got 4 women coming over for sex. You might like some Viagra. It keeps it up\8 for four hours." My friend took both and went home to prepare happym; for visits.

The next day my friend goes back to drugstore and the druggist asks "How's everything today?". My friend pulls out his penis and shows that its all red; raw; and bleeding and then asks for some Ben-Gay. The druggist in horror gasps "You don't want to put that on it!", my friend says " I know, it's for my elbow. Nobody showed up."

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