Let's see what will happen  

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5/8/2005 11:12 pm

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Let's see what will happen

Extracted from email I've just sent:

I've finally returned home after the golden week holidays. It's discouraging that I, at last, realized I had shelled out all the money I carried to Naha city, nevertheless, until now I can't figure out what kinds of 'luxuries' I had spent all my money on during the trip --- I resided at Nasuka's house so that I didn't need to pay for my accommodations.

The day before yesterday would be, what Nasuka called, the most fabulous day of the golden week. We went to the only beach in Naha, accompanied with a few friends and colleagues of Nausko. Among them, I was attracted to a gorgeous girl called Cathy who was still studying in university. She and her boyfriend came over from Hongkong for their holidays. I was quite fascinated by her vivacious character and tender voice with British accent. Actually I couldn't help but hug her a couple of times while playing some games on the beach, hoping that her boyfriend would never find out I was seduced by her charm. After that, Cathy's boyfriend, some kind of rich guy, determined to treat us to dinner at a renowned restaurant. Knowing about what he ordered, I was stunned by his lavish spending on foods. During the dinner I sat close to Cathy on purpose and tried to get chances to talk to her. It was so wonderful to hug her tightly by pretending to be drunk. So huggable and adorable she was! In the end I really got drunk and so I went to bed earlier than usual that night.

The next day, I invited her to go sightseeing in company with Nasuka and me... but it turned out that she came along with her boyfriend, still I didn't mind. In fact I wasn't so enthusiastic about the palace she wanted to see, because I had been there several times! When I spoke to her in Cantonese (her mother tongue) for the first time in two days, she was amused in spite of my broken Cantonese, and anyway by means of it we were becoming closer and closer. At the end of the day, I tempted her to visit Fukuoka (where I live). She said to me she would stay in Naha for a few days and promised to visit me later on. By the time she makes a visit to Fukuoka, her boyfriend will have gone back to Hongkong already! Fortunately her boyfriend has never known that I, by nature, like women.

Well, this is a long email... , yet at the thought of her visit I cannot but tell you all about it.


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