I finally did  

rose1700 40F
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5/20/2005 10:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I finally did

Cathy is leaving Japan for her homeland on Sunday. I hope she enjoys her stay here and will remember me. She is sleeping at the moment, not having noticed my sneaking out of the room. I am now lying on the floor, gazing at my laptop's screen, pondering the dilemma I was facing. Actually I made a valiant attempt to express my feelings to Cathy, at last.

'To me, you are a very special friend. I think... You must've known that.' I said in cheerful yet serious way.

'Really?! I am honoured. What do you mean by "special" then. '

'You're the pleasantest and most warmhearted girl I've ever met... I was attracted to you at first sight.'

'It's very nice of you to say that... I wish we could've met when I was studying in england, I was very lonely at the strange land... we could've been best friends then. To be honest, I am faithful to my boyfriend, I love him... by the way, I am always ready to be your confidante.' (the dialogues are so long that I cannot detail. Besides, my memory is not so good.)

'confidante... haven't heard this word for a long time... I'm happy to hear that, though.' I said.

purejoy4fem 47F/45F
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5/20/2005 1:00 pm

Well, although you did not find a lover, you seem to have found a very good friend (which are always harder to find). A good person who is faithful. And who knows, if she ever breaks up with her boyfriend....

purejoy4fem 47F/45F
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5/23/2005 10:36 am

You are welcome, we in the blogging community try to help each other out. It's like having a couple hundred extra friends around the world. Some of these friends may have experienced what you are going through before. It is also sometimes easier to talk to someone you don't know. Glad our input was of some help to you.

janesharina 42F

8/3/2005 8:20 am

Well take it in stride and be happy that you have found a wonderful friend.. not easy to find these days...

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