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roguebiggs 40M
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3/20/2006 11:07 pm
New friend

Well today I finally got the nerve to talk to a lady I found very attractive at the bank. I thought she was interested when I talked to her Friday so I tried to run with it today.

I went to the bank and saw her walking through so I yelled to her and told her to get back to work. This in return caused her to call me over and asked why I did that. After a few minutes I told her I guess I owed her one and asked what she wanted. She then told me she couldnt think about that at work. LOL

So I told her to call me and she finally asked for my phone number. She told me to wait a minute and she would give me hers but I had to go back outside to work on my report so I told her to bring it to me.

I thought she was a beautiful black woman. She was just a tad taller then me but most people are. She was thin build with really great eyes. Cant wait for a chance to see her out of business attire and in some jeans.

After ten minutes she came prancing outside and brought me her phone number. She took the time to walk all the way to the back of the parking lot how sweet. Well I stick by the 24 hour rule where I wont call some one until the next day.

She called me later that evening which surprised me. I took that as a good sign the unfortunate thing was I didnt get to talk long cause I had a call. I think we may be going out Friday not sure yet. Wasnt sure if she was joking or serious but she did say she had a boyfriend. Not sure how to take that.

Just thought I share this good fortune for the day. Been wanting to ask this girl out for the last couple months just been to nervous to


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