Jokes I have heard  

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2/9/2006 12:28 pm

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Jokes I have heard

Here are a couple jokes I have heard over the last few weeks. Not very many here but a few.

Why does the Navy take Marines out to sea?
Sheep would look to obvious.

Why does the Navy use powdered soap?
It takes longer to pick up.

This guy just bought a brand new sports car and was out test driving it. He figures hell let me see what it can do next thing u know blue lights. He thinks damn cant believe this then he decides he is in a sports car hits 75 then 85 police car still behind him. 95 100 mph so he finally gives up when he still sees blue lights and stops.

The officer approaches the car and tells the man since I am about to get off if u can give me a reason I have never heard before I will let u go.

The man thinkgs for a minute then says. "Officer I am sorry my wife ran off with a cop a couple weeks ago. When I saw u come up from behind I thought u were the cop she ran off with and u were trying to bring her back."

The officer told the man to have a good day and let the man go.

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