Golf swing  

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2/13/2006 7:11 am

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Golf swing

Three buddies were at the local golf course getting ready to start thier round of golf. When the golf pro approaches and asks them if he could join. The men figured why not and the first on steps up to the tee.

The first may swings and his shot has a wicked slice and he asked the pro. "What did I do worng?"

The shakes his head and just says "LOFT"

The second man tees up and shanks a horrible draw and he to asks the pro what he did wrong.

The pro again shakes his head and just says "LOFT"

The third man hits his ball which goes straight up and comes down about fifty yards out and he shakes his head and ask the pro what happened.

"LOFT" said the pro and all three men looked at him and asked what he meant by loft.

The pro simply stated "Lack of Fucking Talent"

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