Hardcore Photo Gallery: November 2005*  

rockwriter58 57M
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11/18/2005 7:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hardcore Photo Gallery: November 2005*

Here’s our monthly posting of hardcore profile shots. Enjoy!

The November Gallery


Have a great weekend!

For last month’s entry, check here: Hardcore Photo Gallery October 2005.

*This month’s feature photo comes to us courtesy of top DC-area blogger Lady.

© ♪rockwriter58♪

(This entry NEVER appeared on the main blogboard due to a morning blogjam on Nov. 18, but this author chose not to repost.)

digdug41 50M

11/18/2005 1:40 pm

ya know how to make a fella stop from clicking back to the main blog page thats for sure have a good weekend rock and enjoy the football games which I'm sure you will lol

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

NickRules999 40M
9464 posts
11/18/2005 3:43 pm

I like these posts. Keep up the good work, Rockster.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

saddletrampsk 55F

11/18/2005 7:57 pm

Mmmmmm..makes me hungry for a bit of Dickzilla..hehehe

feel_my_heat 37F  
284 posts
11/19/2005 11:37 am

Hey rock

thanks for including us in your blog.


cuddlykittenn 43F

11/20/2005 11:00 pm

awww... rock. i jsut wanted to say thankyou for makin git easier to get up in the morning and go to the gym. i think i'magonna make my newyears resolution to be on your eye candy profile pic of the month as well as your hard core photo gallery. hey, a gals gotta have goals and dreams right. (kisses)
just wanted to drop in and remind you how much i love your blog

rockwriter58 57M
1389 posts
11/21/2005 7:13 am

>>>Thanks to all who commented.

>>>Kittenn... I learned a long time ago not to get between a woman and her goals. However, I must say that I知 sure you could easily make either list right now. Of course, there are photographic requirements. When you are ready, let me know.

>>>Thanks again to Lady and her husband. As they prove, there痴 a mix of exhibitionism and bravery involved in posting outside of your own space.

>>>Saddletramp... glad we provided some inspiration. I hope you値l fill us in on the results sometime.

>>Nick... thanks as always for your support. I値l be back in circulation sometime next month. Until then, thanks for your kindness in visiting those of us who are blogbound (housebound?).

>>>Digdug... thanks as always for getting the ball rolling. We値l keep filing them as long as we keep finding them. You may want to check out our latest treat, although it has a bit of a twist. I hope you will find some time for the Sorority House Tour.

cuddlykittenn 43F

11/21/2005 10:58 pm

peeked my intrest, more than before. what are the requirements?
u know i may have to wait for my freedom papers. going to rw bootcamp to prepare for rockwriter's summer episode. see ya there baby (kisses)

rockwriter58 57M
1389 posts
11/23/2005 11:37 am

>>>Kittenn... glad we have sparked your interest a bit. Easy requirements: just post a revealing profile shot. Of course, there may be reasons you don't want to do that. Then you can do what Lady does and just mail me a photo.

Of course, I understand about the need to wait on those freedom papers first. So we'll bide our time.

In the meantime, I better get myself to the bootcamp too.

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