Barbie Doll sex  

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2/20/2006 10:02 am

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Barbie Doll sex

One night, my long time ex- girlfirend (I'll call her Jennifer) wanted to check out the local strip joint in Ontario. We used to frequent the place since it was on the strip of clubs we'd hang out at. The place featured the best looking strippers I've ever seen - elegant women with stunning bodies. The place cateres to upscale clients and couples.

We headed in, ordred some cocktails and I got a few dances for Jennifer. We were having an awesome time - the dancers loved Jen since she's very attractive (part-time model and just plain old pretty from every angle) so we had lots of company, as usual.

At the end of the night, Jen said, "I want to take one home", and grabbed the closest girl who was a total blonde babe.

She was super-friendly and all over Jen. Looking a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker (so, I'll call her Sarah), she was super sexy. Jen asked her back to our place, and within a few minutes, she followed us to our place.

We lit a fire, poured some drinks and the girls started making out. I sat back and watched, and soaked it in. I could hear their lips smacking and the zippers sliding open.

Soon, Sarah was naken and I gotta say, she looked like a barbie doll. Jen worked over her, nibbling away at her tummy, and I was about to go nuts, so I jumped in.

Sarah smelled so nice - that dancer's perfume. Jen & her got into a 69, and I helped from behind. Sarah was small, so we flipped her around to much away at her nipples, letting my cock wander between their mouths.

Sarah asked for some toys, which we gout out. Jen had a g-spot vibrator and back in the 69, with Sarah on top, Jen licked Sarah's clit while I worked the toy into her. Sarah's juices were everywhere, and they both were cumming - Jen from the build up of the night and Sarah's oral skills.

The highlight, for me, and the hottest sex, came when I was pumping Sarah hard from behind while Jen tongued my balls and Sarah's pussy. I pulled out, slipped off my condom, and shot a splattering stream of cum onto Sarah's firm pole-dancing ass and shaved pussy. I just kept cumming and cumming until I was out of breath. It dripped down into Jen's mouth and she lapped it up licking it off Sarah's pussy lips and ass. The scene was so nasty and I was so pent up from the club and watching these two babes go at it, I kept stroking my hard cock while Sarah worked on Jen's pussy and Jen licked her lips clean. I stayed hard and shot another small shot of cum right into my girlfriend's open mouth with a look of pure pleasure on her face, an oral art she drove me wild with all the time. Jen's ability with oral is second to none, and cum for her is like dessert - she loves it!

I'd never been with such a "barbie doll" like woman before, and the sight of two such model-like women was exceptionally hot for me.

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