Torn between loves  

rockhard19833 53M/41F
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3/28/2006 9:20 pm
Torn between loves

Hello everyone thanks for stopping bye.Well I hope you wont be dissappointed I bet your thinking this is between me and 2 ladies dont you?Well it is but not the 2 ladies you are thinking of.Yes they can both be bitches,they both control me and I love them both unconditionally.They both feed me cloth me and love me back.They put up with my male agressiveness,stuborness and all male attitude.Im refering to the love of my life,and why I can live my life!Lady liberty.3doors down does a song called landing in london and part of the verse goes as follows:all these days Im gone ill make up to you I swear.I guess thats why I keep doing it looking for the day I no longer go and its someone elses job,but as of now im gone 4 of the next 7 years how do you make that up to someone? You see I cant choose between them and I cant walk away from either one of them.I love both,cry for both,and miss the other when Im with the other.Whats a man to do?

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