Making love  

rm_zhuk4u 63M
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4/12/2006 1:58 pm

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5/30/2007 10:14 pm

Making love

Just what is it about the phrase "Making Love". I have never been comfortable with that phrase. You don't Make Love. Love happens and there is no way you can make it. You can make/have sex but that is not making love. That is sex. I would rather say let's have sex than that silly phrase "Let's make love"....Any thoughts on the subject???

rm_wggls38 50F
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3/4/2007 3:38 am

When a two people make love they are showin each other exactly how each other feels about one another.. those are the special moments that you can never forget. As for sex.. well sex is sex.. to me sometimes it's just a wham bam thank you.. don't get me wrong those are nice as well but you tend to feel cheap in that matter.. thats my say and i'm stickin to.

purpletrashcan 52F
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3/16/2007 7:20 pm

I always though "making love" was slow sensual sex where "fucking" was the more primal animalistic sex!

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