Lost and Found  

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7/31/2006 11:33 pm

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Lost and Found

The irony of finding out what you've had all along only after losing it. Yeah, not a new topic, and can be a rather excruciatingly frustrating topic.

To answer your q, 2day, what's spinning in my head.

I imagined we all have one common interest since we're all members of A.F.F. (funsass...you need to tell me what it means), that is, we've all felt loneliness.

At least for me, it is this feeling of loneliness that drove me to this site....but to my pleasant surprise (thinking positively again), I've discovered some wonderful people. In more ways than one, it's helped me confront my current uncharted emotional tsunami.

It's a deliberate attempt at not being specific. why? Perhaps i'm not ready yet to disclose, perhaps by being vague, i can reach out to more people thru self-derived analogy or simile, or perhaps I haven't exactly arranged my thots, since i'm actually writing this onboard an airplane.

What i can say tho, I'm able to distinctly feel a re-connection to my inner feelings thru writing, and this blogging number of course, makes us responsible writers.

Back to the titled topic, Lost and Found. I will commit this thot to you; the treasure that you're finding may not be in distant shores but it's right in front of you. Miss it and lose it, and then to find out the hard truth.

One request: make today a "kiss your dear ones" Day. Yes, animals included. By the end of today, whatever time zone you're in, this world will at least be a better place. Do spread the words.

peace out


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