Just say it......  

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8/1/2006 9:36 pm

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Just say it......

Why can't couples really say what's on their minds? Why does everything said has to be in coded form where men have to do the decoding?

With all due respect, compared to women, men are neanderthals, yet we're expected to decipher the highly-evolved mystery of women's thots.

"Dear, what do you want for dinner?" asked I, to my wife. "anything lah...." (we're Singaporeans....in case you don't know, 'lah' is an emphasis word used to express certain mood conditions. In this instance, it's said with tenderness. Try it....hehehe....fellow Singaporeans, please don't laugh, we need to spread our unique heritage) replied her.

"Hmmm.....chicken rice sounds good....." my initial instinctual reply. "ALWAYS CHICKEN RICE.....CANNOT SOMETHING ELSE MEH....." came here fast and furious reply....

Typical example of info-fishing. With all sincerity, i asked what my wife really wanted to have for dinner. Pretty straightforward, i'd imagine.

However, her reply of "anything lah...", even said in tenderness, really meant "my dear husband, please correctly guess, lest at your peril, what i really want to have for dinner....and you better not say it's chicken rice coz i'll be speaking in CAPITAL LETTERS if you do".

So a potentially wonderful evening out very quickly degenerated into a full-on battle of 'he said, she said'.

Meanwhile, for the un-initiated, please sustitute 'chicken rice' with 'burger' or 'chapati', and you'll understand.

Moving on.....well i suppose it's the romance of it all, isn't it? So said a friend. Like, how did we guys know the most insignificant things of a woman during courtship and would forget an entire anniversary after marriage (no, i didn't forget....grew up with houseful of women, i learnt at a young age how women can ass-woop).

There're things that guys overlook, mainly due to taking things for granted (one of the traits left down by our neanderthal forefathers), but in most parts, it's a reactionary instinct borne from rebelliousness.

'Do this or do that' for men to choose would be the easier of the two, but often times, it's a third choice that women want but was not communicated to men. Yes, it's that 'damn if I do, damn if I don't' question, "Dear, do i look fat?" my advise? Don't even go there....feign selective temporary insanity.

I'm actually taking a very positive view of the whole situation and learning from it. And if I'm given another chance to be back with my wife, I'll know not to take things for granted, hopefully, from my generation onwards, we'd have evolved out from our neanderthal forefathers' traits.

Dedicated to my lovely wife....not that she'll ever see this post...She

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